Bold & flavorful, our award winning all natural 100% honey is harvested from our family wildflower hives in the California Central Valley. The healing powers of both cannabis and honey have been known for centuries. Supercharge your immune system with infused honey from Happyseed! Enjoy a daily dose in a cup of tea or add it the perfect natural sugar-substitute for use in teas, smoothies, sauces, dressings, & glazes.


Available in three sizes:


100mg CBD or THC

  • 10 Servings per jar
  • 10mg / Tbsp
  • 100mg Total
  • Net Wt 6.25oz


250mg CBD

  • 10 Servings per jar
  • 25mg / Tbsp
  • 250mg Total
  • Net Wt 6.25oz


500mg CBD

  • 10 Servings per jar
  • 50mg / Tbsp
  • 500mg Total
  • Net Wt 6.25oz

Raw Honey Jar (12-Pack)

Infused with: